Promotional USB Sticks and Custom Branded Memory Flash Drives

Branded USB Sticks | Custom Promotional Sticks
Promotional USB Sticks: an altogether more memorable way to market your business

Make sure your business is always at the forefront of your customer’s minds – with flash memory drives from Pocket Memory.

Out promotional usb sticks are inexpensive to produce, infinitely customisable and designed to last a lifetime. With means they’ll continue to be used – and continue promoting your business – long after more traditional give-aways, premiums and incentives have been consigned to the big round filing cabinet.

And with your logo on someone’s keys or in their pocket, your brand is never far from thought. Out memory flash drives are by far the trendiest and most attention grabbing of promotional items.

Our flash drives come in a range of shapes, sizes, materials and formats to suit your needs and reflect the theme of your marketing campaigns.

Our full range of personalised memory flash drives that can be printed with your brand:

Our Promotional USB Sticks could save you money too – eliminating prohibitive print costs, by allowing you to store even your largest most graphics-intensive (or indeed interactive or video-based) brochures, catalogues, price lists and presentations on media that’ll slip neatly into your customers’ pockets – making them ideal for use at trade shows and exhibitions; as ‘cheap to mail’ marketing fulfilment pieces; and as give-aways to new prospects and customers.

And of course your marketing materials are guaranteed never – ever – to become dog-eared, ripped or stained: giving them a far longer shelf life into the bargain.

Each memory flash stick can be preloaded with your PDF brochure, company presentations, video, audio and other interactive applications – extending the efficacy of your marketing communications.

So why not make your next marketing campaign the most memorable ever – with flash drives from Pocket Memory.

Branded USB Sticks are probably the most common form of portable storage on the market today. They are used by people in all walks of life, from school pupils through to high-flying executives.

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