USB Pens

The USB pen is the ultimate gadget to impress your colleagues. With its multi functional use this product combines writing, sales presentations and data storing all in one. It may look like something out of a James Bond movie but the USB pen really is a must for teachers, students and presentation speakers all around the world. Unscrew the working pen in the middle and you’ll find a fully usable memory stick, choose from a capacity of between 128MB to 16GB.

We have thirteen styles of USB pen to choose from, ranging from the smart executive styles to fun, bold colours. Perfect for speakers or lecturers, style 6 includes a laser pointer within the pen. The USB pens can either be printed or engraved with your own logo and other personalised information, making them ideal promotional gifts and a great way of spreading the word about your brand. You can choose to pre-load data on the flash drive so that when you give away these USB pens, the recipient has brochures, documents or media files already on the USB stick and readily accessible.

When you buy branded USB pens from us, you have a choice of packaging including poly bags, cardboard gift boxes, or metal gift tins. It all depends on your intended method of distribution. Buy your personalised memory sticks in bulk from Pocket Memory to save money. Browse through our large range of USB pens today.