Custom USB

Memory Capactity

1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB

Minimum Order quantity



All colours available including pantone matching system (PMS)

Delivery Time

14 working days from artwork approval



The Custom USB Flash Drives Production Process
Custom USB Flash Drives
You can fill really quick our Quick Quote Form with some informations about your company, a logo or Artwork Guidelines. After you submit this informations to us we can show you vey quick a concept for your Custom USB Flash Drive .

Custom USB Flash Drives
Once you have sent your request, you will receive a professional 3D visual mockup by the next day. From this stage we can take your improvements and create your desire product. When your pleased with the item, we’ll need you to sign it off and it will be sent to production .
Custom USB Flash Drives
At this stage you can choose from a wide renge of Accessories and USB Packing, along with our Data Services such as Data Encryption or Data Loading. This will leave you with a perfect promotion package that really impresses your clients.
Custom USB Flash Drives
Your unique USB Flash Drive will be delivered to your door after going through a strict quality control process. Feel free to view previous Custom Flash Drives that allow you to see that we are the best option for you.
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Your brand message and logo can be accurately printed on the surface.

A Custom USB that your customers will want to show off!

Data Preloading

We can preload your USB with any data that you supply ( Presentations, Product Catalogues etc.). This kind of service is ideal for marketing or for sales backup tool. A large number of out clients preload their Branded USB Flash Drives with sales, advertising or PowerPoint Materials. You can have them have them LOCKED or UNLOCKED, you choose

File lock

We can help you to protect your preloaded data from deletion by the users. There will be 2 zones on the flash drive memory, one is for the read-only zone and another one for standard Read & Write zone.
When the user will plug the USB into a computer USB port, 2 drive icons will appear, one for each zone for ease of use. You cannot UNLOCKED LOCKED for ease of use


Our products support the 'AutoRun' function. This feature will launch your preloaded data automatically when the user plug's the USB Flash Drive Stick into a computer. PLEASE note that many virus software programmes do not allow "auto run."

Pantone Match

We can supply a wide range of different colours for our USB Flash Drive Sticks products.We offer a Pantone Match service, so you can Pantone Match the shell of the USB stick to one of the primary colours from your logo.
Pantone matching is very popular to keep within brand guidelines

Volume label

We offer a 'Volume Label' feature for our Flash Drive Memory Stick products. This feature gives you the possibility to assign a name for your memory sticks label.
When the user plug's the USB into a computer, your removable USB will appear with the name that you choose.