Logo Printed USB’s

Logo printed USBs offers a great promotional and marketing tool.

A signature Logo printed USB can go a long way to getting your brand name recognised. Whether you are a long established brand with an iconic name and logo, or a new brand looking to gain exposure, logo printed USBs from pocket memory can help you to engage with consumers.

Logo Printed USB

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48 Hour Express Branded Usb Sticks

Best Seller Personalised Usb Sticks

Other Great Branded Usb Sticks

Capacity informations:

  • 1GB capacity can store 476 photos, 238 MP3s and 1.90 feature length films in Mpeg format
  • 16GB capacity can store 30474 photos, 15237 MP3s and 121.90 feature length films in Mpeg format

Some benefits of using Logo Printed USBs:

  • This kind of USB drives fits in the ‘green’ theme products.
  • We provide USB drives with a capacity that varies from 1GB to 64GB.
  • The printed USB products that we provide came in a wide selection of design, colors and materials.
  • Your company logo or slogan can be printed on the surface of the USB drives.
  • Another big benefit of this drives is that the drives can be reused for different purposes, after the original content is deleted by the target audience.
  • Promoting your business with USB drives as promotional tool will increase you brand ‘stickiness’.

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