Twister USB Sticks

Swivel top USB memory sticks are by far the most popular drive on the market at present. The major benefit to the user is that there is no lid to lose. The USB itself twists out from the outer casing, which is why swivel top memory sticks are also referred to as twister USBs.

The casing offers a large branding area for your own logo. Depending on your choice of design, your logo can be either printed or engraved onto the flash drive. All sticks can be branded on both sides. We have all colours available, including the pantone matching system, so you can be sure that we can match your company logo perfectly. Our swivel top USB drives come in a wide range of designs and colours to tie in with your brand’s message and your corporate colour scheme.

Twister USB sticks are popular promotional gifts for giving away at exhibitions and events. These handy little devices come with a choice of storage capacity and can be preloaded with data of your choice, ensuring you get your message across. Personalised USB drives are also popular as branded merchandise. We can supply your memory sticks in a choice of packing options including retail blister packs, with or without barcode, poly bags, or gift box.

Take a look at the selection of swivel top USBs that we have on offer.