Eco Friendly USB Sticks

Companies nowadays are often judged on their green credentials. Choosing sustainable wooden and bamboo USB drives helps to demonstrate your eco friendly business objectives. Eco friendly USB sticks have cases made from wood and/or bamboo, which come from sustainable sources. These USB sticks are a little bit different and can help you to stand out in a crowd during networking and promotion.

We have different styles of eco friendly USB sticks available. The cork wine bottle memory stick has a fun, vintage look and creates a talking point. Our wine drum memory stick are a good alternative. Both would be ideal for a winery or brewery to use for promotion, or perhaps as a party favour at a corporate event. They would look great on the table. The wood and bamboo twister has a slim, modern design and space for your logo to be printed. Our wood and bamboo USB drive has a classic, timeless design and your logo can be engraved on the side.

USB drives are popular promotional items because they are practical and you can pre-load brochures and sales collateral onto them, further proving your eco credentials by not printing unnecessary hand outs. Your logo can be either printed or engraved on the memory stick and each comes with a choice of packing options such as gift boxes and retail blister packs. We are able to offer great, low prices by sourcing directly from China and requesting a minimum order of 50 units.