Micro USB Sticks

Micro memory sticks are exceptionally small and ideal for discreetly storing on your key ring. This means that whenever you need your USB drive it’ll be right there for you, no more rummaging around your bag searching. Micro USB sticks utilise the latest SIP (system in package) technology that combines the flash memory and other parts on one small chip, this not only makes the drives small but also robust because soldered connections are not required.

We have four different types of micro USB drive available: the mini turn, mini flip, micro clip and key. Each offers a large area for your own logo to either be engraved or printed in your corporate colours. Micro memory sticks are perfect for use as corporate gifts, promotional items or as branded merchandise to sell in retail outlets. We can supply your USBs in a choice of packing including gift boxes or tins, retail blister packs or packed in bulk in a poly bag.

Personalised micro USB sticks are a great way to raise brand awareness, thank customers for their continued custom, recognise the hard work of employees and much more. This type of promotional item is very versatile. Take a look at our range of micro USBs now.