The Promotional Memory Sticks With The Most Impact

If you are keen to promote your business then it would be worth investing in branded USB sticks. These promotional goods come in a range of shapes and colours. You can add company names and logos, or perhaps a message from your latest marketing campaign. You might choose to present new clients, valued employees and business partners with the types of promotional memory sticks mentioned below to help amplify your marketing message.

Branded USB Business Cards

It is quite common for enthusiastic business owners to hand out business cards at meetings and industry events. However, you can stand out from the crowd by presenting potential clients with USB business cards. You might even consider uploading company media or brochures to these devices.  The sales collateral that can be pre-loaded onto the USB business cards when you place an order could help you to generate new business.

Wood & Leather USB Sticks

You can make a real impression with USB sticks made from the highest quality wood and leather. It is possible to purchase these eco-friendly USB wood & leather devices in a range of colours. You also have the option of having your corporate logo engraved.

USB Wristbands

These trendy USB wristbands are absolutely ideal for those workers who are always on the go. They can be securely fastened to the wrist as a means of protecting key data. You might even consider purchasing these colourful bands as Christmas gifts for your employees.

Twister USB Keys

If you’re keen to increase brand awareness then it would be worth handing out branded twister USB sticks at exhibitions and trade events. People will undoubtedly be impressed by the practicality of the swivel tops.

Novelty USB Drives

These novelty USB drives are perfect for business owners who fancy a break from the norm. They come in a variety of shapes and can be enhanced with company logos. If you’re a professional mechanic then you might be interested in the spanner shaped USB drive. Or perhaps you’d prefer the highly functional Swiss army knife thumb drive.

The Best Branded USB Sticks

If you want to make an overwhelmingly positive impression then it would be sensible to purchase high quality branded USB sticks from Pocket Memory.

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