Personalised Eco Friendly USB Sticks

A business is often judged upon its environmental stance and actions, and a positive carbon footprint ethos is a responsible way of gaining support and running a business. It can be difficult to portray this image to your consumers even if you are doing everything in your power to keep things green behind the scenes. Pressure from governments and consumers to not only implement, but also to demonstrate greener business initiatives is constant, and consumers are drawn to a business which demonstrates sustainable and green business models.personalised eco friendly USB Sticks

For this reason, we offer a range of personalised eco-friendly usb sticks that can tie in with this stance; ensuring a green approach to networking and promotion. With these eco usb sticks you can convey a positive and forward thinking brand image whilst also delivering a very appealing and useful USB device to your consumers, clients, or partners.

Among the products on offer are our sustainable wood and bamboo cased USB sticks, or for an even more vintage approach, our mini Cork Wine Bottle usb sticks are an eye catching and fun option. Available in a number of customisable options, these USB’s are soft to the touch, and provide a combination of warm neutral appeal and pro-green moral stance.

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