Novelty Personalised USB


Take a nostalgic look back over the 90’s with adoration as we reflect on the era or floppy disks, CD Roms, and even DVD Roms, what do we see?  One 90’s bloomer has stood the test of time where others have been relegated to the pages of history.

novelty personalised usbThe humble USB has come a long way since its first incarnation – What was once a premium and small capacity storage item has become one of the most iconic and mainstream accessories of our time. The USB drive earned its place by delivering unprecedented speed and ease of access to important personal data, and making it a breeze to share large files and ideas with consumers, partners and clients.

You’d be hard pushed to find any non-retirement age individual who didn’t feel a slight twinkle of joy upon acquiring a new USB. There’s something unique about carrying your own little hard drive of sentimental or essential info. Sure, e-mail and cloud storage play their part but can you really rely on the internet or your tricky business firewall to let you get hold of your files when you need them. There’s just something re-assuring about having the data in your pocket that many a nerd can appreciate.

It’s no surprise then, that our novelty personalised USB range is among our most popular product. With a multitude of personalisation options, you can add an extra layer or possession to easily identify your trusty USB, so nobody can mistake it!

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