Smartphone memory

Micro SD card

  • Sizes: 1GB – 8GB
  • Transfer movies, video clips, music, photos, office documents between PC and Mobile phone in seconds
  • Compatible with most blackberry phones

Micro SD USB Card reader

  • Simple plug and play product
  • USB connection
  • Small enough to fit on your key ring
  • Transfer all your favourite photos, video clips and music between your PC and mobile phone.
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Micro SD cards and readers

The mobile phone has gone through many changes over the years and is increasingly becoming more of a mobile computer by the day. This has led to larger amounts of data being stored on these devices. The Micro SD card has proved to be the chosen memory card for phone manufactures and has ended much speculation and confusion over which memory card is best suited for the mobile phone market.

Data Preloading

We can preload your USB with any data that you supply ( Presentations, Product Catalogues etc.). This kind of service is ideal for marketing or for sales backup tool. A large number of out clients preload their Branded USB Flash Drives with sales, advertising or PowerPoint Materials. You can have them have them LOCKED or UNLOCKED, you choose

File lock

We can help you to protect your preloaded data from deletion by the users. There will be 2 zones on the flash drive memory, one is for the read-only zone and another one for standard Read & Write zone.
When the user will plug the USB into a computer USB port, 2 drive icons will appear, one for each zone for ease of use. You cannot UNLOCKED LOCKED for ease of use


Our products support the 'AutoRun' function. This feature will launch your preloaded data automatically when the user plug's the USB Flash Drive Stick into a computer. PLEASE note that many virus software programmes do not allow "auto run."

Pantone Match

We can supply a wide range of different colours for our USB Flash Drive Sticks products.We offer a Pantone Match service, so you can Pantone Match the shell of the USB stick to one of the primary colours from your logo.
Pantone matching is very popular to keep within brand guidelines

Volume label

We offer a 'Volume Label' feature for our Flash Drive Memory Stick products. This feature gives you the possibility to assign a name for your memory sticks label.
When the user plug's the USB into a computer, your removable USB will appear with the name that you choose.