48 Hour Express Branding

If you need your promotional USB drives in a hurry don’t worry. Our 48 hour express branding service is here to help. We can offer your business three different types of memory stick with your full colour logo on, preloaded with data if you wish and sent to you by express delivery within 48 hours of receiving your order. All our express branding memory sticks come in white.

The 48 hour express twister USB stick is a compact, modern design which makes it impossible to lose the lid. These are the most popular USB drives at the moment and make a great promotional gift. We supply these twister memory sticks with a capacity of either 1GB, 2BG or 4GB.

Our 48 hour express classic features the original style of USB drive which looks clean and offers a large area for your logo. These are available with a storage capacity of 2GB.

For something a little different, how about our 48 hour express slimcard with a 2GB capacity? This USB drive is in the shape of a credit card, which is ideal for handing out at events with your business card. You can easily share documents with your contacts or potential new clients by having data preloaded.